Temporary Grave Markers

Many people will question the reason behind using temporary grave markers. There are in fact several good reasons for erecting one of these markers  – and they aren’t necessarily always for use at the site of the grave itself. While they can certainly be used as forms of headstones for graves there are other uses as well…..

temporary grave markers

Why use temporary grave markers?

Let’s look to start with at why people should choose to erect temporary grave markers within a cemetery or other burial ground:-

To allow the ground to settle.

It is always suggested – and enforced in many cemeteries – that you should wait at least 12 months prior to erecting any forms of permanent cemetery monuments. This is to allow the earth to settle and give more stability to the heavy gravestone. So a form of temporary grave maker is ideal for marking the burial plot during this period.

To allow time to save for the required grave marker.

No-one would deny that headstone prices can be high. Even a smaller grave marker can be a considerable expense. So cheaper, temporary grave markers can be used until personal funds allow the purchase of the required headstone.

To allow time to make a decision.

Apart from in exceptional circumstances the purchase of a permanent grave marker  is a ‘once only’ decision. Many people – understandably – will put great time, effort and expense into getting it just right. All this at a time when that person most probably has no desire to make that decision. The vast range of headstone designs and styles can be quite bewildering. Which is why it would seem wise to opt for one of the several styles of temporary grave markers until a definite choice has been made.



Do ‘temporary grave markers’ have to be temporary?

Most definitely not! Of course this will – as always – depend upon the rules and regulations of the cemetery itself. It may be that they have limitations as to how long temporary grave markers may be in situ before being replaced with something more permanent. It is worth checking if in doubt.

However – there are other uses for this form of grave marker:-

Grave marker in a natural burial ground.

The regulations in a natural or green burial ground can be strict. For obvious reasons they won’t want to allow any unnatural structures to be placed. Which of course is what any form of headstone is! Depending upon their specific rules you may or may not be allowed to used a form of temporary marker. But it is certainly an option if allowed.

Roadside memorial.

These types of markers are commonly seen on the sides of roads at the scenes of tragic accidents. They are used as a sad – but fitting – memorial to someone who lost their life in the accident. Also as a central point / marker for friends and family to leave flowers, cards and other forms of tribute.

Garden memorial.

It may be that you would particularly like to turn part (or all!) of your outside area at home into a memory garden to someone special. A temporary marker can be used as a form of memorial within this garden and could hold a photo or lines of prose or verse.

Pet grave marker.

It is the choice of many people to bury a lost pet in their own garden. While there are many types of pet grave markers available, the use of temporary grave markers is a suitable option.