Princess Diana Grave

Princess Diana was known as the “People’s Princess”, due to her devotion to charity and her desire to connect with men, women and children from all walks of life. In particular, her willingness to work with controversial charities made her beloved to the world at large. While no person is perfect, Diana did seem to embody the admirable spirit of human compassion to a very pronounced degree. This makes the Princess Diana grave particularly special to millions of people worldwide.

princess diana grave

Diana’s Life Had Plenty of Highs and Lows.

This sensitive and beautiful person did not find happiness in her marriage, as Charles was rumoured to be entangled with another women, Camilla Parker-Bowles, virtually from day one. However, she did find fulfillment in motherhood and in philanthropy. When tragedy struck on August 31st, 1997 and Diana’s life ended due to injuries stemming from a car crash, millions mourned the fallen princess.


The Princess Rests at her Childhood Home.

Today, the Princess Diana grave is found at her childhood home, Althorp, which is situated in picturesque North Hampshire, England. Within this estate, which is owned by the Spencer family (Diana’s maiden name is Spencer), is her final resting place. This is believed to be in the middle of a placid body of water known as the Round Oval Lake.


While the Princess Diana grave site features an urn, rather than a conventional head stone, it’s still become a place of pilgrimage for devotees of the People’s Princess. However, those who come in order to pay their respects may not get very close to where she rests. So unlike many other famous graves, visitors are not permitted to go near the gravesite itself. Instead, they may view across the lake from a distance.

There is however a shrine to her memory within the estate. While this looks to be some form of mausoleum it is more of a means to pay respect – somewhere to leave flowers and other items in her memory. This shrine may be visited from mid-summer to early autumn.

princess diana grave

So, it is possible to take a trip to Althorp and see where Diana, the former Princess of Wales, now rests. If this is something that you wish to do, be certain to plan ahead in order to arrive when the estate is open to the general public. You may find out more about Althorp and its schedule for visitors by dropping by the estate’s official website.


What Does Diana Mean to You?

Diana grew up as a Lady, a member of the British aristocracy. However, her life of privilege was marred by the divorce of her parents. So, Diana was never a stranger to domestic turmoil and she was destined to divorce as well. Diana’s mother left to start a new life in Argentina, with a new man. Her father also found love again, with a woman named Raine. Diana did not appreciate her new stepmother – nor did her brothers or sisters. In fact, the adult children of the Spencer family nicknamed their new stepmother, “Acid Raine”.

In time, Diana left the family home and embarked on a career as a kindergarten teacher in London. Thanks to her family’s largesse, she was able to buy her own home in London and then share it with friends.


During this period of her life, she met the Prince of Wales, who was being pressured by his family to find a bride. The virginal and lovely Diana, with her rosy, perfect skin, long legs, ash-blond hair and wholesome means of employment (not to mention her noble birthright) was believed to be the epitome of suitability.


Charles had proposed to other women in the past, including Diana’s own older sister – however, none accepted. When he began courting Diana, she was scrutinized by the media to an uncomfortable extent. During this pivotal era, many people began to care about the princess, who often gave off an air of vulnerability. Harassed by the press, her natural sensitivity always came through. Pictures of Diana looking sad or distressed by the media attention may have helped her to connect with the public.


When she was happy, she radiated beauty and kindness, and this was also endearing in a completely different way. The many different sides of her admittedly “moody” nature served to captivate the public, especially the people of England. However, her fame was such that she was recognized all over the world, even before the Royal Wedding.



princess diana grave

The view of Diana’s grave from across the Oval Lake


Marriage to Charles Was a Disappointment.

It is believed that Diana sincerely loved Charles and could not bear his close relationship with his long-time lover, the also-highborn Camilla Parker-Bowles. According to biographies, Diana found a bracelet that Charles had purchased for Camilla in the royal apartments at Buckingham Palace. This was inscribed (engraved) to his “Girl Friday”. This intimate gift greatly upset Diana. However, the wedding went on as scheduled.


After the Royal Wedding, which was televised (and dazzled the world), Diana and Charles became parents to two beautiful boys, William and Harry. Diana bloomed in motherhood and preferred to take a hands-on role in raising her children. In fact, she often preferred to do all of the little things for her boys, rather than letting a nanny take care of these everyday tasks. Charles was more traditional and reserved, although he was caring with the kids.


According to rumor, Diana’s issues with Camilla grew more intense and she and Charles began to fight frequently. In addition, Charles, who had made hurtful comments about Diana’s weight before the wedding, had little patience for her aggressive dieting. The princess, who was scrutinized by everyone, every time that she went out in public, may have turned to bulimia in order to get thin and stay that way. This serious eating disorder surely took a toll on Diana’s state of mind.


Once the decision to divorce was made, both parties (Charles and Diana) seemed to be ok. Charles resumed (or continued, as the case may be) his relationship with Camilla, whom he later married. Diana dated, eventually ending up with Dodie al-Fayed. He also died in the fatal car crash that ended the life of the People’s Princess.



Will You Visit the Princess Diana Grave?

Diana’s life was no fairy tale. However, her good works and sensitivity touched so many people’s hearts. Her tragic and premature death shook people to their cores, triggering an outbreak of public mourning. Today, those who love her dearly may show they care by visiting the Princess Diana grave.