Pet Grave Markers

We are a nation of pet lovers – so it is no surprise that losing one’s pet can be as traumatic as losing a member of your family. In fact, it is so often the case that a much loved pet is the closest that some people will have to a family. So when a pet dies it is quite natural that we treat him or her as we would a family member and bury them with the same care and reverence. It is for this reason that specialized pet grave markers – particularly cat and dog headstones – are available as well other items such as pet urns and caskets.


What pet grave markers are available?

In theory any form of cemetery monuments would also be available for a pet. But the reality is that the normal headstone prices would make this impractical. But there are many memorial stone and headstone designs and styles of pet grave markers which can be purchased at a sensible cost – it is possible to buy them for less than $10. But this isn’t just about cost – perhaps we should look first at your intended burial location………?


Where can I bury my pet?

Lets assume that you are intending to dispose of your pet with at least a degree of ceremony and dignity. It is perfectly possible for your vet to arrange the disposal which is most likely to involve mass cremation or landfill. The fact that you are reading this indicates that this is not an option for you and you would like to see what other choices there are …….


There will of course be a cost involved here but it does leave your further choices open. You may choose to bury the ashes in a pet cemetery or at your own home. You may instead decide to scatter the ashes in the same way you would human ashes, choosing a favourite location – perhaps an area in which you both used to walk often. Even scattering the ashes in your own back garden would avoid any legal issues which may be encountered with burial.

Of course, even though there would be no actual grave to mark, this would not stop you placing some form of memorial to your pet at a location of your choice.

A Pet Cemetery

There are now many pet cemeteries throughout North America and other countries. Each will have their own rules and regulations regarding pet grave markers and their own pricing policies. Some will be no more than a farmer’s field while others follow strict ethical guidelines and can provide whole memorial services involving either burial or cremation as required.

This level of standards may or may not be important to you. If they are then we suggest that you are guided by the IAOPCC – the International Association of Pet Cemeteries and Crematories. All members must adhere to strict guidelines within the pet aftercare business.


Burial at Home

This tends to be the accepted option for most pet owners. But do be aware that this not actually legal in all areas so do check with your local authorities before you go ahead with this.

Also consider how long you intend to remain at your property – are you in rented accommodation or liable to be moving within the next few years? The next family to move in are very unlikely to have the same respect for the grave of your lost pet as you are…..

But by burying at home it does mean you are completely free to purchase the pet grave marker of your choice.

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Making pet grave markers

Why not create your own grave marker? You simply need a large flat stone or a wooden cross which you can decorate in any way you see fit. You could paint on a picture of your lost pet or write a poem if you are feeling creative. Otherwise attach a photo or copy a poem of your choice or use other epitaph examples. Don’t forget, this grave marker is not for the eyes of others – it is for you and your family to pay tribute and remember the pet you loved.