Plastic Cemetery Vases

There are several types of cemetery vase available and each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Plastic cemetery vases are no exception. Not that it is essential that you use any form of cemetery flower vase at all – most flowers will be fine left just loose at a graveside. Though of course any form of vase will keep those flowers tidier and make them last longer.

plastic cemetery vases

Advantages of plastic cemetery vases.

The first and most obvious one is the cost. Plastic cemetery flower vases tend to be a fraction of the cost of other types. This is due to the minimal cost of production and of the material involved.

This leads directly onto the fact that it is quite affordable to have many vases adorning the grave. These can possibly in various different colors and styles. This provides the opportunity to leave many flowers on the grave while still keeping it all tidy and uniform. And it is always beneficial to have bright, vibrant and healthy flowers as opposed to dead or dying ones. This economical option also allows many friends and family to all pay their respects by leaving cemetery flowers for the person they have lost. If you are caring for the grave of a partner or close family member it may be worth the small investment to obtain a number of these for the benefit of everyone who attends the graveside.

Also related to the economical cost of plastic cemetery vases is the fact that they will not be the target for thieves that many other types of cemetery vases are. Yes there will always be somebody who seems totally without any form of conscience or morals who would still anything – even from a grave. But there is no intrinsic value as there is in metal cemetery vases such as brass or bronze. And even marble vases have a value even if their use is still only in their present form. But even in the unlikely event that they are stolen, there will only be a minimal cost to replace them.


Disadvantages of plastic cemetery vases.

It is very difficult to find any disadvantages except the fact that they won’t last for the years – centuries even – that other types of vase may do. Concrete cemetery vases for example will still be standing as long as the gravestone. While plastic cemetery vases will certainly last many years but will eventually become ‘weathered’ and discoloured.

And there will of course be some people who simply don’t like the look of plastic cemetery vases. They prefer the higher quality appearance of other materials.

Though don’t forget that there are other options as to how to display the vase. For instance – a high quality metal stand can change the whole appearance.


‘Theft Deterrent’ vases.plastic cemetery vases

Meaning? Well this is a clever idea that takes the advantages of plastic cemetery vases without the disadvantages. They are made from an extremely durable form of plastic that is weather resistant but more importantly – doesn’t look like plastic! They are made in many various styles and colors to look like bronze or marble for instance. In fact they are practically impossible to tell from the real thing. However, if anyone attempts to steal one it will become immediately apparent from the weight as soon as they pick it up that it is plastic only.

They are a higher cost that ‘normal’ plastic flower vases but so much less than the ‘real’ ones. And if you are not having to continually replace them they will pay for themselves time and time again.

They are available in a whole range of styles and colors. This includes ones such as bronze, mahogany and many shades of marble.

These really could be the answer for you if you are looking for cost effective plastic cemetery vases but with a high quality appearance.

The one you can see to the left here is practically indistinguishable from real granite.



Important reminder!

Please do remember – as mentioned continually throughout this site – that all cemeteries and burial grounds have their own rules and regulations. Although unusual, there will be those which stipulate exactly which styles of cemetery vase you may use. This is of course partly do with appearance and the desire to have all graves looking uniform. But there is also an increasing awareness of maintenance costs and the time and effort taken by the cemetery authorities to mow the grass. So it may well be dictated that all adornments must be attached to the headstone or possibly immediately in front of it. So plastic cemetery vases with a spike to go into the ground may cause problems.

The answer is simple – check before you make your purchase. And don’t assume that just because other graves have a particular style that it is okay – they might run into problems themselves. Check directly with the cemetery authorities and ensure you get it right!