Cemetery Vases

There is usually nothing to stop you leaving flowers loose on the grave of a loved one. However, there are practical reasons for using cemetery vases or other forms of flower holder. They will keep longer as you can keep water within the vase, they will look tidier, won’t get blown away and there are certain advantages regarding graveside maintenance. It is for this last reason that more and more cemeteries and burial grounds are stipulating the use of grave vases – and very often the exact type.

For instance, any form of flower holder which is mounted on – or by – a headstone makes grass cutting so much easier. Some cemeteries even insist today on flat headstones for graves for this very reason.

There is also the issue of uniformity of the gravestones and the accompanying ornamentation. And each burial ground can – and will if necessary – dictate as to what can be used.

cemetery vases


In Ground Cemetery Vases.

This cemetery vase is easily buried so that it sits flush with the ground and extends the life of your cemetery flowers. There is a removable insert so that the flowers can be changed as desired.

Metal Cemetery Vases.


Bronze Cemetery Vases.

The major problem with any product made from bronze is that it will be targeted by thieves, due to the high value and ease of disposal (they are easy to melt down). Even bronze grave markers which are fixed down are prone to theft. A bronze cemetery vase is understandably easier to remove and there are more and more cases occurring of whole cemeteries being targeted in one night.

We would therefore suggest the following. It is made from polyethylene and looks exactly like bronze until it is picked up. At this point the weight and feel of the product makes it obvious to any would-be thief that it is in fact made from a form of plastic.

Plastic Cemetery Vases.

Granite Cemetery Vases.

Like the bronze vases, granite ones are also prone to theft though to a lesser degree. So again we would strongly suggest the purchase instead of a ‘theft deterrent’ vase which looks like granite and comes in many differing shades and colors…….

Or if you really are set on a granite vase you may like to consider the following product. It is made from true Georgian granite but can be easily attached to cemetery monuments with silicone or epoxy.

Other Cemetery Vases & Accessories.

It may be that you would like to incorporate the vase into some form of graveside ornament. In which case you can choose to have a tribute or epitaph inscribed.

Of course it should also be remembered that there is nothing to say that these cemetery vases have to be situated by the graveside. There is nothing to stop them being used in any form of memorial setting – or even in your own memorial garden.