Bronze Grave Markers

Bronze grave markers – also known as bronze headstones – have become a popular form of memorial grave marker.

bronze grave markers

What are Bronze Grave Markers?

When we talk of bronze headstones today we are nearly always referring to a flat headstone of – usually – granite, with a bronze plaque or marker attached. It will be this bronze grave marker which contains the name and details of the deceased, along with images and / or an epitaph. Take a look at our page for some epitaph examples.

Sometimes this marker will be in the form of a bronze plaque attached to a larger headstone.


Advantages & Disadvantages of Bronze Grave Markers.


  • One of the more economical materials to use for headstones for graves.
  • Extremely durable – withstands harsh weather conditions.
  • Modern casting processes allow very intricate & complex designs.
  • Easy to handle / ship.
  • Bronze is easy to maintain.
  • Removable plates or scrolls enable flexibility over time. Spouses or other family members’ names can be added in the future without the need to replace the whole tombstone.
  • Any type of flat headstone creates very easy maintenance for the cemetery authorities.
  • Creates a tidy / uniform look within the burial ground.

Added to this – and because of the last two of the above factors – many cemeteries are moving towards insisting on flat grave markers only.


  •  Bronze – though durable – will discolour slightly over time. A thin gray-green film is created called a patina.
  • As they are relatively light to carry and easy to melt down, bronze grave markers – sadly – are prone to theft. This need to be a serious consideration for you depending upon the cemetery location.


Bronze Grave Marker Designs.

At first glance it would appear that design options are limited. After all – bronze grave markers are really just bronze plaques. However, the reality is that due to the manufacturing process very intricate designs are possible. All manner of shapes are possible – and the design options of pictures and emblems are quite literally limitless. Any image you require can be transferred onto the grave marker face.

Prices for Bronze Grave Markers.

As a rough guide you can purchase an inscribed bronze grave marker for up to about $1500, though smaller ones can be purchased for less. However, be very aware that bronze grave markers can’t just be ‘placed’ on the ground. They will need fixing to a granite base – which in itself could cost several hundred dollars depending upon size. Take a look at our page on headstone prices to get a general idea of total costs.

bronze grave markers


Cleaning Bronze Grave Markers.

Under normal conditions this will only require doing once or twice a year and should take a matter of minutes. By applying the metal polish each time you will prolong the life and appearance of the grave marker. Do remember though that bronze softens over time and will turn a slight gray / green so will never look brand new.

Materials required :-  Non ionic detergent, metal polish, some soft cloths, soft firm brush (such as a toothbrush), supply of water.

  • Wet the grave marker thoroughly and use a cloth or soft brush to remove excess dirt.
  • If water by itself is not enough then use the non ionic detergent. This is non toxic so will not stain the metal itself or any surrounding stone.
  • When all excess dirt is removed, wash thoroughly.
  • Wipe dry – leave to air dry for a short while if time allows.
  • Apply the metal polish in small circular motions with a soft cloth or brush.
  • Remove excess polish and buff to a shine.